Blog commenting for SEO Backlinks

Blog commenting for SEO Backlinks – Boost Your BLOG With These Tips

Here, I’ll explain to you which SEO backlinks are good for your website and what should be avoided. You can acquire links from numerous sources, but in this article is highlighted on blogs comments backlinks. So the question is, what is a blog comments backlinks and how to do it, strategies and procedures. Blog commenting for SEO Backlinks one of the most popular backlinks creation method.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Off-page SEO mainly stands for website backlinks profile, which is the second big factor of google search engine ranking factors. After April 2012, google updated Penguin for filtering the natural good quality and irrelevant links profile. And at the end of this post, I will describe a highly beneficial aspect of blog commenting for SEO backlinks as “Blog Commenting Extra Benefits”.

How To Start Blog commenting for SEO Backlinks

If you ask to google just placing the words like “blog comments”, you will see people also ask for “what are blog comments?”, how do you write a good comment on a blog and so on. (see the image below)

people also ask for

When you read an article online, you might get something interesting to you, obviously, you want to ask some question to its author, or want to thanks. At the end of the article a commenting form exists where people typically keep their insights about the topic. If you are a marketer you have an opportunity to keep your website link in the link section, and generally, it’s an inbound backlink for you.

blog comments example

Why should you use blog commenting for SEO purpose?

You can or you want to increase your backlinks profile, make relationships with other people and get potential traffic to your business. Since 90% of such backlinks are no-follow so, it has no direct SEO benefits

Alternative SEO Benefits:
If your website is honoured with lots of traffic – it is a big SEO signal to boost google ranking. So, it’s indirectly helping your SEO efforts. 
OK, now it is time to know how to do blog comments right way. 
– write your real name in the name field.
– comment should be naturally written with relevant topic of the post
– use your own email address with Gravatar
– add value to the post by asking relevant questions “example: what should I avoid when is blog commenting?”
– try to avoid adding your site URL in the body text
– The editor may not expect “Thank you for the post, nice post, helpful etc.”

standout blog comment

Our next step is how to find blog comments blogs?

There are plenty of ways to reach the blogs for commenting. I use these three simple search strings to discover blogs:

1. add a comment + my keywords (example: add a comment + “balanced diet”
2. my keyword + add a reply (example: healthy food + “add a reply”
3. my keyword + inurl (example: golfer nutrition inurl: blog

You can use others google search strings just search google and get the strings. This way you will get a blog comment list.

Blog Comments Benefit

1. drive potential targeted traffic to your business
2. you are adding value to your website.
3. You can increase your website link profile
4. opportunities to build relationships with blogs and business
5. low-cost link building
6. good starts for newbie blogger SEO efforts.

Blog commenting extra benefits

Definitely you want to keep saving your website from google penalty, isn’t it? Perhaps, most of your answers will be YES.

Anchor ratio: most websites get penalized for using their main keyword or money keyword with exact match anchor text. Google likes to limit using exact match anchor text below 1% of total backlinks.

Maintain the following anchor ratio when creating backlinks.
80-90% your brand name as an anchor text
10% of partial match anchor text
<1% of your exact match keyword as anchor text.
Source: The,

If your website contains 100% do-follow backlinks from all 115 (as an example); google robots will flag it as spammy backlinks profile. If you use your main keywords with exact match anchor text 100 times, Google will take action against it.
So, what to do to limit the google penalty for bad backlinks profile?
Start blog commenting
Simple, start building basic backlinks profile with blog comments. When commenting use anchor variations like; click here, for more details, see here etc. Use, synonymous keywords related to your money keywords, use nacked links in the website field.
You also can create other basic backlinks like Profile backlinks on high authority sites. and mix could be an example.
Web 2.0 backlinks
You can get easily contextual backlinks (your service link) from high domain authority websites like,, etc.

What is the safe ratio of backlinks profile?
If your site contains 150 total backlinks, ideally do follow may come 60%, rest of the links must be nofollow, that’s natural. Use exact anchor text below 1% of total BL.

So, blog comments backlinks are a great way to promote your site legally, also helpful for avoiding google penalizing issues. Try to apply other methods to build basic/foundational backlinks.

About the author: the author is an admin at Offer Hub Online, a blogger, on-page and off-page and backlinks strategies.

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