The 7 Easy Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Card

There are uncountable number of people who loves Amazon, Amazon’s product and services. People from USA the most of citizen are habituated to buy product from Amazon. Canada, Australia, India, UK people also place huge number of orders on Amazon. Now days, Amazon is the leading online shopping destination.  There are different forms of gift card from Amazon & other business offers like $1000 Dollar Amazon Gift Card or $500 or $100 and so on and so on. 

In this article I’m going to explore one of the most popular Amazon product called Amazon gift cards online and how to get it free. Since, people like free things online, I will show you some legit way to get free Amazon gift cards fast. 

The benefit of a gift card in Amazon

Brand Awareness
Some old or startup give away gift card for free to their potential consumers, so that it works as one kind of publicity of their brands, product or services.
Gift card for long time client relation
Giving and receiving free gift card may one of the key of sustainable relation between business and their potential customers.
Security matter
This is one of the biggest reasons for using gift card because, 35% online consumers are experiencing with fraud case in their general online transaction, and the fear is growing. So, using gift card is the best option for avoiding unexpected loses of wealth.

Free Gift Card Sources

The sources here will be short and you never be embracing bad experience of huge text reading.

Inboxdollars- sign-up bonus
It is one of the most popular sources where you will be honored with $5 Amazon gift card as welcome sign-up bonus. Participate in a survey, or watch video or sign-up offers that are not a big hassle for you.

SWAGBUCKS- rewards plus $5 dollar bonus daily
This is an interesting program by SWAGBUKS. The process is very simple, earn points through participating on any surveys, watch video, games, shopping online, web searches, quiz and so on. You can use those points to get free Amazon gift cards.

SURVEY JUNKIE – biggest reliable survey site
Survey Junkeie honored people by giving Amazon gift card. You only need to complete simple survey. Though there are lot of survey sites offers cash, Amazon gift card, but some are fake. You need to check online their reviews then participate at any program. Survey Junkie is a true and reliable site where you don’t need to see other’s people review on it. The platform is user friendly even your cell phone is enough to complete any survey.

SHOP at MYPOINTS and you will paid
What a nice news it is! You shop at MYPOINTS online and Get paid! There are more than 2000 big business partner with them like Amazon, wallmart and eBay. The process is very simple; just make online purchase at least $20 you will return $10 Amazon gift card.

Surprised IBOTTA App, you get $10 Amazon Gift Card
Ibotta is a well know app for grocery shop sector, they have cash-back option. Ibotta rewards customers for shopping online which is convenient for groceries and local shopping.
IBOTTA works on both iOS and Android devices, you can use it for free. They are honest with as you don’t need to subscribe or purchase products and services. It is $10 sign-up bonus for all customers. Any customers can take Amazon gift card instead.  Also they have referral bonuses option to invite your friends.

Get $20 Amazon Gift Card with PERSONAL CAPITAL APP
A large number of online shopper’s like Personal Capital. Good option is that you will get a $20 Amazon gift card just for signing up. Very simple! Isn’t it?

Learn More about Amazon Gift Card

Pros and Cons of using amazon gift card


If it is a digital gift card; you are safe and no chance to lose it as well as your cash are in secured custody.
If it is Physical gift cards typically you need to be registered. Once it is registered, you are also in safe and any time you can replace it. Some gift card provider offers credit facilities to its owner. 


A common problem is that some gift card doesn’t contain the balance as said; they need reload balance at the time of shopping. Some company charges reload fees and yearly membership fees. Sometimes message showing card or code is not valid or validation expired. 

The persons who are experiencing such problem repeatedly; they like to through it out and oppose to use it. 


In my final words; there are some good and bad side exist there, but in terms of security and easiness using gift card specially Amazon gift card might be a good option for most of the online consumers who doesn’t like to go out for shopping. You also may check other online freebie and little effort giveaways. For getting free amazon gift card, participating in survey is the main source. The other sources also works but some cases are not reliable.

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