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The 7 Best Gift Card for Kids

If you think about a gift card for kids, you will definitely fall into lots of confusion. Since you don’t know which presentations are perfect to choose for kids, it’s really a difficult job when you don’t know what actually she loves, which things she really needs. Giving gift cards or presentations as a gift item is one of the most popular and attractive options to make someone delighted. Sending presentations to someone is an old tradition in all over the world that is still popular. To get a gift card from a loved one loves people of all ages.

Considerable Factors When Choosing A Gift Card for Kids

The following 07 items you may consider as a gift card presentation for  Holiday Gift Cards for Kids or for any other occasion like birthday or Christmas. Now, you are thinking of buying a presentation for your loved one but you don’t know what to buy, where to buy and how to buy and send to the particular person. Below I have sorted out the most popular gift cards for kids that you can purchase easily from the nearest store or online. 

 1. At first Etsy
Etsy is famous for a variety of handmade goods. you can add an electronic gift card or shortly known as e-gift card from Etsy store ranging from $25-250. e gift cards are flexible to send via email and recipients can get it instantly as well no issue about delivery fees. 
2. Amazon
Whenever you think about a give something to someone – don’t overlook the Amazon gift card. The most popular and can be offered to any age. Because of popularity, It’s widely trusted, secure and redeemable.  The receipts are fully free to buy online whatever she likes. After purchase, you can send it via email or print & hand delivery. 

amazon kid gift cards

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Special Gifts Ideas for Teens – Available in Amazon

Scratch Off Travel Map ($20-30)
Kids love to visit amazing places,  scratch off map allows them to proudly show all of the places they love to visit and love to visit on next holiday.
Blue Speed Racer Boomerang ($12)
The Blue Speed Racer Boomerang is a perfect choice for age 10- 50 with a handy manual focused through images on how to use a boomerang. This amazing gift is also available in Walmart.
Apple Airpods ($144-150)
This is a number one game-changer gift idea for kids. It’s come with Bluetooth headphones that excel the sound quality, kids get extra energy and hope.

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3. Janie and Jack
They sell electronic gift cards ranging from $25-500 and instantly emailed to the person you have selected. The down factor of Jane and Jac is – only redeemed on retailer’s websites.
4. Baby Gap
This baby gift card is my number 4th choice
A Gap e-gift card will be delivered within a minutes (or at the date and time you choose), and you can buy one in any amount between $10 and $500. You also have the option of customizing it with a photo of your own.

5. Gymboree
It’s called an electronic Gymboree gift card. It has two major benefits;
a) usable at online 
b) and retailer’s store
If you assign a receipt’s email address when shopping, they will directly send it via email to that person.
6. Movie Gift Card
Every child likes to enjoy movies. This gift card is best at the local theatre. If some reasonable amount is $20-30, kids can enjoy entry, a gift pack with time passing popcorn, cane and chocolate that serves in the theatre hall.
7. Groupon
Covering deals on everything from live event tickets to fashion and tech goods, you’ll get a Groupon gift card as an eGift or a typical plastic gift card.

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happy gift cards

After acquiring some meaningful customers reviews on a different gift for kids, I stand up with “Happy Gift Cards”
Happy Gift Cards are available in stores and online
Happy gift card – wide freedom to use
The recipients can eat, shop or play at any of the stores, restaurants or on the internet. See the list where this can be used.  Simply present a Happy Card for food, merchandise or services at the time of payment. The amount of every purchase made will automatically be deducted from the value on the Happy Card gift card. You preserve the full right the same gift card for multiple times use, at any of the brands to the card balance is zero. 
Note: Happy Card gift cards cannot be reloaded with additional money.

Another big question may arise in your mind whether Happy Card Gift Cards be Used in Stores and Online?
Happy Card gift cards are best used in stores. Although some stores and restaurants can accept Happy Cards on their websites, many are currently not able to do so. (If you try to use a Happy Card Gift Card online, enter the card number into the “CREDIT” field at checkout rather than the “GIFT CARD” field.)
You can use Happy Card Gift Card in More than One Place
Yes! It is a big facility –  you can use a Happy Card gift card at any of the stores or restaurants listed on the card, and you can even use it at more than one place if you have enough money. Teens, for example, can use the Happy Teen gift card to pay for a movie at Legal Cinemas, pay for a smoothie at Jamba afterwards. Each recipient can create the experience he or she wants.

Recommendations When Purchasing a  Kids Gift Card

Easy for Kids to use and redeemable
Gift cards for kids should be redeemable within a short distance that don’t need even car drive. If you are not aware of the nearest store, restaurants or theatre of the recipient, you might go for an online gift card like a visa gift card that is working everywhere.
Don’t ignore Kids Options (Choice)
Kids are not like adults, so they want to have multiple things at once. They may want to get chocolate, ice cream and toys at once. Make sure to have preserved the multiple gift items.


  • Kids gift card are convenient as they can choose their desired options
  • Instantly buy a card and send to recipient via email or code via SMS 
  • Can be emailed or print it at home
  • Kids can buy food, toys, and enjoy the movie
  • Kids don’t need to load or reload when buying something or eat something
  • You can send it from wherever you stay and live
  • E-gift card is more flexible for kids to use


  • Some kids gift card only be redeemed on the retailer’s website
  • Sometimes kids experiencing with expire issues that they can not solve alone 
  • Not flexible to use alone, mom must go with.


The beauty of the gift card is the recipient has full purchasing freedom, whatever he likes to buy. For instance; I sent a binocular for my nephew’s 13th birthday, he messaged me that he needs an apple gadget. I   am having trouble exchanging it. So avoiding further shopping difficulties, giving a gift card as a gift item must be considered a wise decision. Along with above kids gift card and sources I have validated – there also a great option that is all age people can use those as children can. In 2019 a massive survey conducted by Wallethub’ and they have shown the best gift cards to present are Amazon, Itunes, Starbucks, Visa, and Walmart.

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